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I HAVE A HOME- Sammy our little hero

Updated: Jul 11, 2023

Presenting Sammy our little hero. Sammy is 2 years old. He is in foster in Reading Berkshire. He was rescued from a shelter in Romania and saved before he could be euthanized.

In Romania Sammy was involved in a road traffic accident. He had an injury to his left leg which was repaired. He lay for long periods on the floor of the shelter and developed muscle wastage. He lost the use of his back legs. In the UK we have been rehabilitating Sammy. He swims once a week and has physiotherapy. He has regained some strength in his legs but need encouragement. Sammy is continent and will wee and poo outside. Any family who adopts our Sammy will need to carryon with his rehabilitation so that one day he will be fully mobile !!

Sammy is a very special part of our rescue family. He currently lives with three other dogs and gets on very well with them. Any family that is interested in Sammy will require a home check and reference. We will provide full rescue back up and continue to pay Sammy's pet insurance for a year.

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