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I HAVE A HOME - Eve and her babies

Updated: Jul 11, 2023

On a wet and rainy night in Romania brave little Eve dug a hole on the street and gave birth to three little girls Ebby, Enjoy, and Emmy. On that night they were found and taken back to the safety of the shelter in Romania. Had it not been for the kindness of our rescuer they would have perished on the streets.

Eve is approximately 2 years old. Her puppies are now 6.5 months old. We would love to bring all the family to the UK so they have a chance to live a life of love. This family are all small to medium size dogs. They really would like to leave Romania and find their people. They are vaccinated, Flea and worm treated. They have their passports ready to go !!!

Can you give one of our little ones the love they deserve ? Please message us if you are interested. Reference and home check applies for all of our dogs.

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